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About Us


Who We Are Who We Are:

The Racing Post has been covering the races, racers, and cycling issues ~ including all the cycling sports ~ in the south central region of the U.S. for over nine years. Our full glossy magazine provides a means for race directors and event coordinators to further promote their efforts, and we serve as a tool for bike shops to bring in customers, but we primarily serve as a news source for one of the largest, most active, and frequent racing and riding areas in the country.

Capture the Racing & Bicycle Enthusiast Market:

The Racing Post aggressively promotes and covers bicycle racing events and participants throughout the South Central U.S., including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. It is made available to thousands of readers in the region. Racers, riders, spectators, significant others, sponsors and the general public are all readers of this publication.  In our 2008 Bicycle Enthusiasts' survey, our readership tracked very closely to national monthly bicycle magazines among our target market - Weekend bicycle racers and enthusiasts.

Traditional Magazine and an innovative "E-zine:"

Since going glossy cover in 2009 and full glossy in 2011, our numbers have skyrocketed.  Many shops report being "out" by the 10th day of the month!  More and more of our readers, however, read on-line through this website.  The EZine downloads easily to web-browser or IPhone.  Our "Ezine" is the same, exact magazine as our paper version, with the addition of "click-through" advertisements.  For the July 2011 issue, the Ezine was downloaded over 12,000 times!

The Racing Postís Demographics:

Our readers are well-paid professionals who invest a great deal of money in bicycles, accessories and equipment. Our typical reader is in their 30ís, in a 3-4 person household, 2-3 car family and has an average income of over $75K (46% over 100K!). They also travel 12-20,000 miles a year above normal just going to events. Most are very active cyclists spending hundreds of hours on their bikes each year. They are health conscious and spend a considerable amount on dining, , health foods and supplements; as well as covering the significant expenses of travel and lodging by participating in events across the region.


The Racing Post readers ...                
68% between the ages of 26 and 45          
46% have a family income above $100K          
75% have achieved at least a Bachelors Degree        
69% are professional, managerial or the business owner        
The Racing Post readers drive:                
60% own at least two automobiles and 17% own three or more      
50% have at least one car capable of carrying a bicycle inside while another 40% have two
54% have a vehicle that can pull a trailer          
47% own a car less than 2 years old and 37% buy cars costing more than $30K  
The Racing Post readers spend money on bicycles:            
67% own more than three bikes, of which 65% own at least one bike costing more than $3K
41% spend more than $2K on bicycle hardware a year and 40% spend an additional $1K or more on bicycle soft goods
The Racing Post's readers do more than work:              
52% spend more than 16 days a year in "leisure" activities      
59% drive more than 5K leisure miles with an additional 37% flying more than 5K miles for leisure activities
61% spend more than $30 a week in a restaurant        
58% spend more than 10 days a year in bicycle related activities      
69% travel more than 1k miles a year to bicycle related activities      
57% spend more than 5 days a year in a hotel for bicycle related activities    
11% spend at least 5 days at a campsite for bicycle related activities      

2008 Reader Survey detail available upon request.

Monthly Distribution:

The Racing Post is distributed to bike shops, race and rally events, and businesses where cyclists frequent. The magazines are provided free of charge to our readers, although we have a great many paid subscribers as well. Our 2010 readership exceeded 28,000 monthly.

Display Advertising:

The Racing POST display rates are structured to reward both consistent as well as larger sized ads, which generate the most response from our readers. All advertising charges are due in advance on one-time rates and first runs, while monthly contracts are billed on the first of each month and due by the fifteenth. A finance charge of 1.5% per month will be charged on outstanding balances over 30 days. Rates quoted are for camera-ready art; however, we will make every effort to assist in typesetting when possible. Discounted rates are available with signed contracts for long-term advertising.


The Racing POST is both a paper and cyber publication. We currently run each issue in its entirety, including click-through ads, on our website. Each issue is downloaded approximately 12,000+ times each month. In this format, we run the print ads free of charge. Advertising on the website provides excellent opportunities to promote your products and services. Please contact us for more information! (PLEASE note .us suffix.  The .com suffix is the website for England's premier horse racing magazine


For individuals desiring first class delivery of personal copies of the paper a subscription can be obtained at a rate of $25.00 per year anywhere in the U.S.. International delivery is available as well, although rates vary per country.


All materials are due the 15th of the month preceding publication.  Our magazine has hit the shops on or before the 1st every month for 6 years. 

Legal Stuff:

The Racing POST is not responsible for copy omissions, typographical errors, or any unintentional error that may occur in advertisements other than to correct it in the next issue after the error is brought to the publisherís attention. Publisherís liability shall be limited to only the amount of space affected by such error. The Racing Post does not knowingly accept ads of a fraudulent, misleading, or discriminatory nature.


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